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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

We opened this note recently. "As Princess got older, she became grumpy. That's not her normal personality so we knew she wasn't feeling good. She wasn't even standing on her front paws to go to the bathroom like she usually does!

The vet told us her kidneys were failing and she would have a feeling of urgency but not relief. She was also getting stiff and just didn't seem happy.

We weren't ready to let her go. We had to try to help her. I mean, she's definitely a PRINCESS but she's our Princess! How could we help this dog who has brought so much love into our lives for over 12 years?"

This family had asked the golden question. How do we show love to a dog who's only shown us devotion, pure dog love and some lovably goofy personality quirks?

Here's the answer and it DOES NOT include buying anything.

What really matters is connecting with your dog heart to heart. Really listening.

You know all those times you walk by and your furry love perks up and wants your attention but you just don't have time right then? Well, your dog is pretty much just always giving you love. How do we feel when we take those precious moments to fill up our own cup by loving someone else and allowing ourselves to be loved unconditionally? It's priceless. Dogs are the BEST at it.

Here's a brief Dog Love Meditation and Affirmation:

Sitting or laying down by your pooch, just take 5 deep slow breaths.

With your hand on this furry love being, feel the heartbeat, the warmth of this life that trusts and depends on you.

Feel your heart opening and allow yourself to offer and receive this pure, wild, warm love.

Thank yourself for taking time to connect. Thank your pup for loving you like only a dog can. Take 3 deep breaths with your furry loved one and move back into your day filled up, loved up and loving.

Thank you for taking care of you, your dog and our planet.

(Do you want to know how things turned out for Princess? She's still going strong with more pep in her step, doing a full paw-stand to go to the bathroom higher up on the trees and taking naps on a stack of soft pillows with a smile on her face. She's one of our Testimonial Stories. Send us yours and a photo of you and your furry loved one to be featured. We appreciate your love, too.)

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